My husband, David, and I taught high school English for 30 years, and over that time we developed a book problem.  The last year has been spent trying to donate many books from our personal library and keep to our promise not to bring new books into the house.  But I really wanted to read Michelle Obama's book, Becoming.  And coincidetally, the two people who know me best - my husband and my daughter - both bought the book for me for Christmas.

I devoured it over the last week, and it was exactly what my mindframe needed to welcome a new year.  

My husband and I also bought each other Gary Shteyngart's Lake Success - so two copies of that book made it into the house as well.

And I can't say enough about Samin Nosrat's Salt Fat Acid Heat, which David also bought for me.  I got hooked on her Netflix series while I was in hip replacement recovery mode, and the book is less cookbook and more encyclopedia of information about those four essential elements of cooking.

Books also feed my hungry soul.  I'm glad I got books for Christmas.